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This blog has become such a huge blessing to me in ways I never thought it could. It became a place that allowed me to organize my thoughts, notes, and detail my experiences. I have never been one who was able to verbally communicate very well and one of my biggest struggles because of that was being able to establish boundaries, which is something I write a lot about here.


I recently began a journey that included learning how to validate my own feelings and not feeling guilty or ashamed about it even if it didn't make sense or made me seem foolish to others. 


As I did so, this journey led me towards the path of self-discovery and finding my identity. I began to understand myself and learn who I was. This has been a journey towards freedom. Being free to be me and unbound by the need to conform to the expectations and desires of others if it went against who I was.

I really hope that through this blog you will also receive enlightenment, encouragement, strength, resilience, and wisdom that you can take along with you as you go about your journey. I call these treasures of darkness. For me, these are the treasures you receive only in those darkest moments of life:

The virtues that are found.
The courage that is gathered.
The strength that is gained.
The lessons that are learned.
The wisdom that is gleaned.
The humility that is nurtured.
The generosity that is handed.
The compassion that encompasses.
The gratitude that is developed.
The hope that is grows.
The love that is embraced.
The peace that is cultivated.

This blog has been a resource even for myself. When I tend to find myself lost, I have been redirected by my own words. 

And I especially hope that for those who do not have a voice, that this blog will help you find that voice. 


"When You Know Yourself, you are Empowered. When you Accept Yourself, you are Invincible." ~Tina Lifford

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